Data protection statement

I give my consent to the processing of my personal data for research purposes on analytical hearing according to the German Data Protection Act (§ 34 BDSG). The data collected in this online-study will be used for research purposes only. I have submitted these data on a voluntary basis and agree with additional data analyses for scientific purposes. I understand that personal details will not be transferred to third parties.


We use cookies exclusively to track your progress and to identify if you want to take a different test on our website.

We don't give any personal information to any third party.

How we identify you anonymously using your email address

If you enter your email address after you have entered the information about your age, musical abilities etc., we will save your email address as a so-called hash. That is a string of characters that can only be generated from your email address. However, it is impossible to get your email address from a hash. A hash looks like this:
If you complete another test and you enter your email address in order to identify yourself, we will create another hash and compare it to the one we have stored. This is how we can identify you without knowing you. Your results remain completely anonymous.